No Feathers

Birds are my favorite and most common subjects but I do take pictures of other animals and even some plants while I am out with my camera. Here’s a few samples.

I really should consider taking more photos of dragonflies and damselflies. Some are quite colorful. This is an Ebony Jewelwing.

Painted Turtles sun themselves as much as possible. Some logs will get even more crowded than this.

Daylilies seem to be scattered around everywhere I go.

I saved the best for last. I was standing on a riverbank under a big pine tree and scanning the opposite shore for birds. A White-tailed Deer came down to the edge of the river just across from me. I was standing quietly since I was looking for birds and she didn’t notice or pay attention to me. She had her fawn come out from the woods when she determined that things were safe.

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