June at Last

There were two nice mornings in a row to start June off with some nice sightings. It had rained for three days before and we will have a heat wave coming after today’s rain. It looks like 4 or 5 days with temperatures above 90F (32C). The birds, the camera and I will definitely be inactive by late morning!

I’m breaking up the photos into two posts, starting with woods and fields. The Bobolink needs open fields and there are efforts underway to preserve some for them. One program pays farmers to hold off mowing some fields to protect the nesting birds. They pay for the loss they encounter by waiting and having to sell the hay for a lower price. There is no mistaking a male Bobolink, by sight or by sound. Their bubbling song is unique. Some people think of R2D2 from Star Wars.

We are still spotting warblers. Some are nesting here but there are a few that are still moving further north and west to breed. I put the names under the pictures,

Vireos are another summer visitor. You can see the red in the Red-eyed Vireo (top). And I finally got a picture of a Yellow-throated Vireo (bottom). I have heard them many times and have gotten fleeting glimpses. But one finally came out into the open for a bit.

The bright orange of the Baltimore Oriole against a blue sky is a photo I can’t pass up.

Another flycatcher. This is a Willow Flycatcher. And the only way to tell it from an Alder Flycatcher is by song. So if it doesn’t sing, you won’t know which. Although the Willow is the more common of the two.

This last bird drew a big crowd of birdwatchers and photographers. It is clear to see in the photograph but that is due to some image processing. At the scene, you could be looking right at it in the shade under the canopy from 30 feet (9m) away and not see it, thinking it was just a gnarled part of the tree limb. Someone just happened to recognize it as they were scanning the trees for warblers and vireos. It is a Common Nighthawk taking its daytime nap.

Next up, on and near the water.

5 thoughts on “June at Last

  1. This might be my favorite among your posts so far. I especially like the Bobolink flight shot, but the others are also very clear images that show just what the birds look like.


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