Summer Residents Settling In

Our summer residents have begun settling in and starting their families. Here are a few of them.

Least Terns nest in the dunes above the high tide mark. The males seem to be bringing in fish for the females on the nest.

Two more nesting birds…a Red-bellied Woodpecker peeking out of her nest and an Eastern Kingbird sitting on hers.

A few of us were looking for Indigo Buntings where they typically nest. An Eastern Towhee seemed to be pointing us in the right direction. “He’s right up this trail.”

Actually, the Towhee was preening and it looks like he did a good job.

And the Indigo Bunting was in fact just up the trail. He posed for a bit and flew off. We encountered him or his neighbor further along, singing from the top of a tree.

This is a Chestnut-sided Warbler in a tree near his nest that was somewhere close by. This is one of the warblers who stay here for the summer instead of moving further north.

There were a lot of birdwatchers in this particular area looking for an uncommon flycatcher. We were keeping an eye out for it, just in case. But we didn’t undertake finding it as a mission. We did end up seeing it, but weren’t sure of the ID until I checked my photos. We saw a Great-crested Flycatcher (top) first. The Olive-sided Flycatcher (bottom), the object of many a search, was high in a tree further along the trail. Sometimes you just get lucky.

We’ve had three straight days of rain and I have been unable to get out into the field. We needed the rain and I got to take care of other projects, so no complaints. The non-feathered guest star below certainly didn’t mind. Green Frogs are one our most common frogs.

2 thoughts on “Summer Residents Settling In

  1. Nice selection of sightings…the sequence of Indigo Bunting pics was particularly nice I thought….no comment on the flycatcher, since I missed the walk!


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