Near the Water

Most of my recent posts have focused on the woodlands and fields. Here are some photos from closer to the water. These are the last of ones from the past week or so. I’ll be heading with the camera tomorrow to gather more.

Least Terns and Piping Plovers nest on the southern end of Plum Island in an area above the high tide line that is roped off by Massachusetts officials. The sunbathers, fishermen and birders that gather on the beach between the nesting area and Plum Island Sound don’t seem to bother them as long as proper distance is maintained. This Piping Plover mom seems to be napping on her nest.

A Least Tern flying over the nesting area.

There were about 20 Roseate Terns on a sand bar in the sound with a few Common Terns mixed in. These birds nest elsewhere and are not as common on the island as the Least Terns. As you can see above, the slightly smaller Least Tern has a yellow bill with a black tip and white “eye brow” during breeding season. The Common Tern has an orange bill with a black tip and the Roseate Tern’s bill is solid black. There are other field marks but these are the easiest to spot during breeding season.

Here’s a Least and a Roseate hanging out together.

Some sightings on inland bodies of water include (from top to bottom) a Green-winged Teal, a female Belted Kingfisher and an Osprey with its catch.

The shorebirds and waders have moved in so they will be appearing more often in posts now that the migrant warblers have almost completed their spring visit.

2 thoughts on “Near the Water

  1. Don’t know how I missed this last week, but at any right these are great pic…The pics of the terns along with your explanation is my favorite part…after that, I think the Osprey “eyeballing” you is right up there as well!


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