2021 Migration II

These photographs were taken on a nice sunny spring morning walk with three friends in a wildlife management area. It was a windy day and the birds were quiet but we did have some nice sightings, including another two species of warbler for me to photograph.

This is a Blue-winged Warbler that was foraging among some low trees and shrubs along with a few Chickadees.

We also spotted my first Yellow Warbler of the year.

Blue-gray Gnatcatchers look a bit like Ruby-crowned Kinglets but have a longer tail and no wing bars. They forage through the trees in much same way as the Kinglet. The top two photos are the Gnatcatcher and the bottom two are the Kinglet for comparison.

Another Baltimore Oriole in the flowers.

This wildlife area has loads of Eastern Towhees.

This is a guest appearance by a non-feathered subject. A Spotted Turtle was enjoying the warm spring sun. So was I!

We heard a Prairie Warbler and a Common Yellowthroat in the undergrowth but did not get a look at them. I’ll keep hunting for a good photograph.

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