2021 Migration

Warblers are slowly beginning to appear. There have been strong northwest winds in the past weeks and that may have slowed their arrival. But other migrants are showing up. I got my feeder out just a week before the first hummingbirds came to my home. Our summer resident hummingbird is the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The males have a dark throat that is red in the right light. My first photo of the year didn’t catch this male in that right light so his throat looks black. Here’s a female and that male.

[I used multiple image columns so click on the smaller pictures to see a larger version.]

Yellow-rumped Warblers seem to be everywhere. They really like the flowering trees and flit all through them, grabbing insects from the flowers.

I am still searching for other species of warblers but have only found these two so far. The top one is a Palm Warbler and the bottom is a Black and White Warbler.

Still missing the ruby crown with my camera but I am having a lot of opportunities with many Ruby-crowned Kinglets in the area. They look a bit chubby but they move pretty quickly!

This isn’t a migrant but it is hard to spot them as they crawl up and down the tree trunks so I was sure to grab some shots when I had a chance. It’s a Brown Creeper.

And finally, my first Baltimore Oriole of the year.

Part 2 coming soon as the latest rain episode is winding down. Warblers are being reported in many locations on eBird and I am hoping to get a nice variety of photographs soon.

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