We are in an interlude between outgoing and incoming migrants. There are still a few winter residents like Snowy Owls that haven’t moved north yet. And only the first of the summer residents and the birds that pass through on their way north have arrived. Hummingbirds are coming close and warblers, the big stars of migration, will be here soon. In the meantime, there are plenty of subjects for my camera.

A lot of the sea ducks have headed north but there are still some stragglers to be seen. These were all seen in the space of about an hour in Plum Island Sound near Ipswich MA. There was a very large flock of Brant feeding on sea grass close to shore. They breed near the Arctic Circle so before they leave, they need to fuel up! Looks like they wanted to do a little surfing while they were here too.

I did not get a good photo of the Black or White-winged Scoters in the sound but I did get the other species that were present.

The new arrivals included Piping Plovers and Double-crested Cormorants.

Bird activity is increasing inland as pairing and nesting get underway. Below are: House Finch, Grackle, Killdeer and Tree Swallow.

Today is a snow day…really! But it will melt quickly and I’ll be back out looking for more summer residents as they move back in.

2 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Nice job! I never seem to get a good chance at Long-tailed Ducks, especially in flight. Other birds are well-represented, too.


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