Tree Swallow Squabbles

I am part of a group of photographers who share photos and tips and often end up in the field together. Tree Swallows are migrating into the area and we were swapping photos that capture them in flight or otherwise interacting. They do seem to have an interesting community life. And this includes a little squabbling. I decided to gather up some photos I took at a nearby farm two years ago that capture some of this interaction. There is a row of 4 birdhouses near one of the fields on the farm and the swallows vie for them. I was able to stand near some bushes fairly close to the boxes without bothering the birds. They were more interested in each other anyway! This is a whimsical post for sure.

A little house inspection…

Hey! I was here first!!!

Alright! Alright! Geez.

Two neighbors having a friendly chat when they are rudely interrupted.

And this guy got the last word. Whoa!

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