Before the Pandemic, Part 1

A year ago, during the first week of March, I was with a group of fellow birders and photographers on a trip organized by Massachusetts Audubon to visit sites in southern Florida. We returned home less than two weeks before things started shutting down. Seems like a lot more than a year has passed. And it may be quite a while before 18 people get into 3 vans and drive around all day visiting prime birding sites, eating lunch on the fly and grabbing quick dinners in restaurants. Ah, the pre-apocalypse times. Remember them? I certainly remember taking these photos. And the fun we all had. I’m looking forward to some form of expedition coming back. But in the meantime, I’ll just share some photos. These are all birds that live in or near water.

Coming in Part 2: birds away from the water and a few non-avian subjects.

One thought on “Before the Pandemic, Part 1

  1. Ooh ooh can I be a non-avian subject? 😉 Hey, don’t know if you can get VT PBS down there, but Sat., Mar. 6 at 9am Brian Pfiefer will be doing a “Birding in VT” special. Of course, you’ll probably be out…….BIRDING at 9am Sat.!


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