Cold Day

A friend and I took advantage of the only sunny day last week to get out and explore. The sun was nice but the very gusty wind made for a bitterly cold morning. Even the birds were generally hunkered down but there always seems to be something for us see.

At our first stop, an immature Bald Eagle soared high over the marsh across a big creek, heading north. It wasn’t long before a big flock of Canada Geese took to the air, followed by various ducks heading south. Better to brave the wind then to stay in sight of an eagle. Among the refugees were these Common Goldeneye and an American Black Duck heading south as the eagle headed north.

We were in for a nice treat on the ocean side of the area. A Snowy Owl decided that the bench on a boardwalk down to the beach was an ideal spot to get out of the wind and enjoy the sun. You can project whatever human character/emotion to his face you like. He or she was just being a happy owl.

We finished up the morning at a park further up river. Canada Geese were there in large numbers.

Ducks were scattered about, including a female Common Goldeneye (top) and a female Lesser Scaup.

This is a pair of Mallards that were strolling back down to the water after foraging around near the parking lot.

Coming soon: pre-pandemic memories.

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