Migrant – Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Migration is starting to pick up. One migrant that has been around for a few weeks is the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. They winter in the southern US and breed in Canada, northern New England and the northern portion of the western US mountains. It is a tiny bird, just a bit over 4 inches (11 cm) long. It has a compact body that seems to have no neck. Kinglets are frenetic feeders and are constantly on the move through the trees as they hunt for insects. They have prominent wing bars bordered in black and a broken eye ring. The males have a ruby crest that is rarely seen and, alas, I did not see it when I was taking these photographs. The photos were taken in an old apple orchard and the trees are in full bloom, providing a nice background.

This one is looking for the small insects that are starting to appear in the apple blossoms.

They are not always this visible. Here is one that is peeking out from behind a leaf.

Plump looks good on him.

More migrant and summer resident photos coming soon.

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