Signs of Spring at the Feeders

It’s a little colder than usual after a fairly mild winter but the birds don’t go by the temperatures. It’s the longer days that trigger mating, migration and changes in plumage. And I can see such sure signs of spring right outside my window.

This is an American Goldfinch that has nearly finished changing from his brown winter colors to his bright summer plumage. He’s almost there. Just needs a bit more gold and a completely black forehead.

This is a newly arrived summer resident from the southeastern US. A Pine Warbler is checking out the fruit and nut selection at my “diner”. And it’s my first warbler sighting of 2023.

The birds are also announcing spring with increased vocalization. What we enjoy as songs are their communications to attract mates and mark territory. It’s practical for them but a joyful sound of spring for us.

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