More Sightings

I saw several other bird species while photographing the Black Guillemot (see previous post). Here’s a few of them.

The ocean was pretty rough with the nor’easter having just moved off our coast. People on the Pacific Coast would probably consider this just a little rough though!

Black Scoters were riding the swells close to shore. The spray from the waves hitting the rocks between me and the birds looks like snowfall. The males were calling the entire time I was there. It is a very distinctive sound and there were several people recording them on their smart phones. Check the Cornell Labs website or Google Black Scoter call/song if you want to hear what it sounds like.

These are male (orange bill) and female Black Scoters.

These are some Long-tailed Ducks flying over the spray.

The Common Loons are starting to fill in their summer breeding plumage.

The Harlequin Ducks were doing their daring dives at the very edge of the rocks. But this male was taking a break a bit further from the shore.

I photographed a small group of female Common Eiders as they swam through the channel between the mainland and a little island with a lighthouse. They aren’t flashy but have a very nice plumage.

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