Snow Birds

I took some time during the recent snow storms to photograph the visitors to my feeders. Here are a few of them adding a little color to a snowy day. The most colorful was this Eastern Bluebird. They only visit my home in the winter but nest less than a mile away at a town owned farm/community garden.

Not so colorful, but a sure sign of winter, is the Dark-eyed Junco. These sparrows live in forests at higher elevations and spend the winter here in the low lands. I have had as many as two dozen of these highly active birds in, under and around my feeders at same time.

The camera had a hard time focusing on this Red-bellied Woodpecker as snowflakes fooled the sensor. This large woodpecker is a year round resident.

A House Finch adds a little rose color to the scene.

I saved a photograph of my all time favorite visitor for last. Black-capped Chickadees are always welcome at my little diner.

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