More Surf Action

My last post showed Harlequin Ducks in a heavy surf close to shore. Lots of other ducks weren’t deterred by large swells and choppy water. They just stayed further away from the rocks than the crazier Harlequins.

Black Scoters flew into the rough waters and rode the waves several yards from shore.

I also spotted a Red-breasted Merganser braving the rough waters.

Some Harlequins were out further from the shore. I captured this one landing and temporarily vanishing in a trough.

There were also many Long-tailed Ducks in the area. This is one having a similar experience landing in the waves.

Rough winter North Atlantic waters don’t seem to faze our winter visitors. Although not many are as daring as the Harlequins and stay away from the rocky shore. But there are exceptions. These Brant flew by as they looked for some calmer water. These geese are smaller and a bit more well behaved than their noisier and more aggressive cousins, Canada Geese.

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