Small Bird Mix

These are some photographs taken over the past weeks that have no particular theme except that they are all small, fairly common birds. The first is a Swamp Sparrow. The gray face and neck, line extending from the eye and the reddish-brown on the wings are field marks.

Next, a White-throated Sparrow. There is the obvious white throat with a little black whisker and yellow lores.

These are Dunlins flying over the surf and rocky shore.

The next three photos are from the field but these birds are also regular visitors to my home. This Carolina Wren was singing his heart out. I had a pair nest on the edge of my lawn this summer and they are a regular diner at my feeders.

If you see a bird climbing around upside down, it is probably a Nuthatch. This is a Red-breasted Nuthatch. They also visit my feeders during the winter.

I’ll close with a bow and flourish by a Black-capped Chickadee, our ubiquitous feathered friend.

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