Stealthy Hunters

These are two related birds that share a hunting style. They lurk in the reeds and vegetation along the edge of the water and grab almost anything from fish to amphibians, and even small turtles and snakes. They also eat invertebrates and worms. The first is a Least Bittern. They usually stand completely still or move very slowly through the undergrowth as they stalk their prey. We have a hard time finding them unless they move, even with binoculars and spotting scopes.

The Black-crowned Night Heron hunts at dusk and dawn to avoid competition from other herons and bitterns. We spotted this juvenile only because someone noticed a grayish patch in the reeds.

It did come out from deep cover after a while.

Night Herons roost deep in the foliage of large trees during the day. They can be hard to spot then too.

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