American Avocet

The single American Avocet summering in our area is apparently still enjoying its visit. I did a post on this vagrant previously and we have continued to observe it over the summer. Vagrant, of course, meaning out of place. This bird should be somewhere in New Mexico, Colorado or elsewhere along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. It has no fellow Avocets to hang out with but is never alone. It is with a female Mallard and Lesser Yellowlegs in this photograph. It is starting to lose its breeding color. Unlike us, its tan is fading as summer progresses.

Several birds of different species will often fish together when a school of minnows or small fish is discovered. The Avocet will join in with Yellowlegs, Snowy Egrets and even Double-crested Cormorants. These are photos I took of it going after minnows with a Lesser Yellowlegs and Snowy Egret.

He or she may be alone but they aren’t lonely! It will soon head south and rejoin other Avocets in a traditional wintering area. Hopefully it doesn’t get lost again next year. Or even better, maybe it will bring some friends.

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