There’s Always Something

This is the time of year when birds are quieter and more, shall I say, discrete? It’s nesting time, territories are established and chicks are being hatched or fledged. Birds seem to be a little more secretive as a result. I will see far less birds in an hour in the field than I did a few weeks ago. But there is always something to see if you are out and looking. My philosophy is I can either wander around in the sun and fresh air for a few hours and only see a few birds or I can sit at home, get no exercise and miss a potentially good photo op. It was pretty quiet on a recent trip to one of my favorite sites but there were a few feathered friends about.

The Common Yellowthroat has been in several of my posts. It is a Warbler that breeds here and can be hard to spot sometimes since it tends to stay deep in the brush and foliage. It does pop up now and then though. I always think of Zorro when I see the male.

The female Common Yellowthroat is not as flashy but is still a pretty bird.

A male Scarlet Tanager is the definition of flashy.

The description of the House Wren that accompanies a photo on the Cornell Lab site describes it as “nondescript brown bird with a short tail, thin bill, and dark barring on wings and tail”. Nondescript? I beg to differ. They definitely have a “look”. And they have an attitude to match that tail.

As I said, there’s always something out there. I can’t say I have ever come home disappointed. And I always get some exercise.

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