Return of the Tree Swallows

Tree Swallows have returned and are starting to nest. These pictures were taken in a swamp with lots of dead trees that provide nest sites. And swamps have lots of yummy insects for the Swallows to snatch out of the air and that’s a bonus. I have managed to get pictures of them as they swoop around to chase insects but it takes a lot of tries to catch them in the viewfinder and it can be pretty frustrating. However, these were taken near a nesting site where they don’t fly so erratically as they come and go.

Sitting on a stump and vocalizing.

I caught this one as it left the nest opening.

And another photo near the nest that shows the iridescent blue color on the back and upper wings. They have a tiny bill but it works just fine for grabbing small flying insects.

This time it flew in my direction. I was not close to the nest site so it wasn’t reacting to my presence. It was just heading out my way. That little black mask around the eyes does give them an angry look though.

Preparing to enter the nest…

And in she (or he) goes!

Tree Swallows will be quite common during the summer, much to our delight. The mosquitoes aren’t so happy to see them. The big show is in late summer and Autumn when they start to gather by the thousands before migrating south for the winter. It is a sight that never gets old!

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