Lovely Weather for Ducks

Early spring is typically the wet season here and this spring has been no exception. The camera and I are weather sealed so we put on our rain coats and ventured out. True to the sentiment of the title, the ducks had no problems with the on and off rain showers. These are some photos of ducks out for a stroll in the wet fields. I used Lightroom to brighten things up.

A pair of American Wigeons left the little pond and browsed the grassy area for some tender plants. This is the male.

And the female….

The male posed with a blade of straw in his mouth, looking like a stereotypical country boy.

The Wigeons were joined by a pair of Mallards.

We were getting pretty damp but the ducks were having a fine time.

My rain jacket and the camera’s rain coat are no match for a duck’s plumage. We were cold and damp but the ducks were oblivious to the conditions.

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