More Winter Visitors

As promised, here are some more pictures of our winter visitors. All of these birds will head north to Canada and other northern locales for the summer.

This is a young male Surf Scoter. He doesn’t have the adult plumage but he does have the multi-colored bill.

Horned Grebes breed in western Canada and Alaska. We see them in their non-breeding plumage, which isn’t as colorful as their breeding plumage. But they do have a bright red eye that really stands out.

Male Red-breasted Mergansers have red eyes too. Quite a contrast with the green spikey “hair style”.

There’s no mystery about where the Common Goldeneye gets its name.

One of my favorite duck visitors is the Bufflehead.

The Bufflehead will start their courtship displays soon. There’s a lot of head bobbing, splashing, short display flights and general frenzy. I will be looking for chances to capture the craziness!

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