Some Recent Photos

We are back in the field after a Covid pause. Sightings have been slow but I do have a backlog of some duck photos to share. These are Northern Pintail, American Wigeon (with a Northern Pintail in the foreground) and Northern Shoveler. The names “Pintail” and “Shoveler” fit when you look at these ducks.

Here two Northern Pintail take off to move to another part of the pond.

Ducks are constantly preening like the male Northern Pintail and the male Green-winged Teal in this photo. They aren’t sprucing up for a date though. They need to keep their feathers in good condition and well oiled to stay warm and dry.

This “duck” doesn’t need to preen. Looks like a hunter is short one decoy.

And finally, a flock of Long-tailed Ducks flying through a cloudy sky. The two males are displaying the long tail feathers that give this duck its name.

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