Air Traffic

A friend and I went to what is becoming our winter go-to birdwatching spot. We plant ourselves close to the rocky shore and then watch the action. There weren’t that many birds on the water but the sky was busy. We saw Dovekies, Black Guillemot and Northern Gannet. But the ducks were a treat. They were constantly flying past us in one direction or the other. I missed out on the Long-tailed Ducks that were too far out for a clear shot. Here are the seven other types of ducks I did get, including all three types of Scoter.

Even Mallards, who aren’t a sea duck, got into the act. They must have been taking a shortcut or something.

Dave and I will be visiting this sight again this winter. But since it is on the outer edge of Cape Ann (Massachusetts), we will avoid very cold days with a brisk wind coming in from the Atlantic. It’s hard to spend time out in the open when the temperature is below freezing and the wind is 20mph (32kph)!

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