Early November Sightings

I have posted a lot of duck pictures recently. Here are some other birds I have found at the beginning of the winter season. This Snow Bunting was part of small flock on the bank of the Merrimack River.

Also on the river was this Common Loon with his crab dinner.

And a flock of Dunlins flew upriver while I was photographing the Loon.

There has been an increase in the Mute Swan population in our area. They are impressive birds but aren’t good for the local environment since they are an invasive species. This one was demonstrating against another nearby swan by fanning out his feathers.

This little sparrow is sort of special. The colored bands are used to track this subspecies of Savannah Sparrows known as Ipswich Sparrows. They breed on Sable Island in Nova Scotia and appear along parts of the New England coast in the winter. It’s a small population and they are being tracked by scientists and birdwatchers. This sighting, along with the band colors and arrangement, were reported to the group that tracks them.

This lone Greater Yellowlegs is running late in his migration. There are very few left around at this point.

Anyone who sees my posts on a fairly regular basis knows that I can’t resist gulls being pirates stories. This sequence shows a Herring Gull swooping in on an Eider in attempt to steal its catch. The Eider dove to escape the raid.

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