More from Cape Ann

The Harlequin Ducks (previous post) stole the show at Halibut Point on Cape Ann. But there were other ducks and other kinds of birds to see as well. A few ducks were too far from shore to photograph but these are some that flew or swam nearer to the rocks we were on.

A flock of Sanderlings flew back and forth and scoured the rocks at the edge of surf for bits of food. They swarmed over a rock directly in front of us like an army on the march.

This is a Sanderling with a resting Ring-billed Gull, the smallest common gull we have.

Norther Gannets are typically well offshore in Massachusetts. But they do come in closer after storms or in the face of strong winds. We had four close encounters.

There were several Red-throated Loons diving right off the rocks. Oddly, Common Loons were absent. This Red-throated Loon caught a snack.

One land bird of note was this Cooper’s Hawk flying along the shore. Small birds be wary!

It was a short week for me but I will take advantage of a rainy day to go through the photographs from two trips into the field and prepare another post.

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