Peregrine Falcons

I was with several other people on a platform overlooking the beach at Emerson Rocks on Plum Island. We were observing and photographing hundreds of shorebirds that had gathered on the beach and rocks. The number of birds was gradually declining as the tide came in but there were still several flocks on the beach. One flock took to the air and flew back and forth across the water over the now submerged rocks.

I noticed two birds interacting over the water just after I took these pictures. I had no idea what was going on, thinking it was probably a couple of gulls fighting over something. Although I couldn’t distinguish the birds on my camera’s display, we soon realized what they were…a pair of juvenile Peregrine Falcons.

We realized that they were Peregrine Falcons when they broke off the skirmish and flew inland almost over our heads. These photos tell the story behind the tussling. One Falcon was trying to grab an unfortunate shorebird from the other.

It appeared that he managed to keep his prize as they flew further inland. I wonder if it was a sibling squabble?

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