Egrets and Herons

We had our third heat wave of the summer during the past week but we hardy (crazy?) photographers and birders were out looking for our favorite subjects. We went out in the morning and tried finish before it reached 90F (32C).

The first of two posts from the week focuses on wading birds. The young birds have fledged and there are now mixed age and species groups all around the area. This is a Great Egret (yellow bill) surrounded by seven Snowy Egrets. The two Snowys close the Great are adults. The other five are juveniles with their distinctive yellow-green legs.

One of the two young Snowy Egrets is displaying. That’s a Greater Yellowlegs landing behind them.

Two young Snowy Egrets seemed to be chasing each other.

A Great Egret flies in to join the crowd.

Now he forages in the shallow water near a Greater Yellowlegs. Snowy Egrets and Yellowlegs sometimes chase schools of small fish together but Great Egrets are slow, usually stationary, hunters. Maybe it is waiting for the Yellowlegs to scare some fish toward him?

We did not see many Great Blue Herons this summer but they are plentiful now. This is an interesting interaction.

This is a Green Heron peeking up from the reeds and grass along the bank of a pond.

The second post will be more action from a hot week.

One thought on “Egrets and Herons

  1. Of course I like the pictures and the subjects…but the 1st pic of the Great Egret surrounded by Snowys is my big time favorite…you’ve captured all the poses and reflections quite well!


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