Successful Capture

I have been trying to spot a Scarlet Tanager all season and finally spotted not one, but two. The males are a vivid red with black wings and tail. I think they are even brighter red than Cardinals.

Here are some other recent sightings. This Northern Flicker, a large woodpecker, was looking for his favorite snack…ants. There are two varieties of Flicker. This is the Yellow-shafted and you can glimpse the bit of yellow on the wing. The other variety, Red-shafted, is more common in the West.

Birds are still molting and this poor Yellow Warbler looks pretty scruffy compared to his neighbor.

The blue of the Indigo Bunting nearly matches the sky.

Who is that masked bird? A Common Yellowthroat is peeking out from the foliage.

This is the somewhat unpopular Brown-headed Cowbird. Unpopular because they lay their eggs in someone else’s nest.

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