Latest Sightings

I returned to the Red-bellied Woodpecker nest that I have been watching for a few weeks now. It is still occupied. The occupant is a bit sassy and stuck his/her tongue out at me.

New fledglings are appearing everywhere. This young Catbird was a little shaky with his early flying attempts. He was sitting in the trail looking somewhat bedraggled. There were a couple of adult birds nearby. He wasn’t there a couple of hours later when I finished the trail loop and likely (hopefully) managed to work his way back into the trees.

These are some birds whose names really fit. The yellow really pops out in this Common Yellowthroat.

Red-winged Blackbirds use those shoulder patches to advertise their territory.

Cedar Waxwings get their name from the waxy looking red tips on their primary feathers. They are not always visible but they are here.

We got a distant look at a Least Bittern. This one came out of the reeds where it could more easily be seen. They are nearly invisible when they stand still in the reeds while waiting to grab anything swimming by. We got an even better look as he flew across the pool and into the reeds on the other side.

There was a Great Egret in the same pool who was very successful in getting lunch. This is the big one that didn’t get away!

A Saltmarsh Sparrow peeks out of the saltmarsh grass. The orange and gray head are a colorful departure from the typical sparrow colors.

Bank Swallows are still nesting on the southern end of Plum Island. The dark collar makes it easier to pick them out from other swallows in flight.

I don’t remember seeing so many Gadwalls on the island before. I have seen them on every trip and in different locations in the refuge. The black butt is easy to spot.

I’ll end with a non-feathered inhabitant of the refuge. Bugs was roaming the edge of the main parking lot as I waited for my friends to show up.

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