Heat Slows Things Down

We are just coming out of our first official heat wave of the year. The birds tend to become less active while nesting and the heat has just made them even more scarce. But there are photo opportunities. I grabbed my canteen for hydration, went out early and got the following pictures.

A Common Yellowthroat came out of the deep foliage to take a look at us. He was probably wondering how we could stand around in the sun when it was so hot. He quickly flew back into the cooler shadows under the bushes.

A Chestnut-sided Warbler perched on a dead branch long enough to be photographed.

A female Baltimore Oriole stayed in the foliage.

A female Norther Harrier flew over the field in the distance. They prey on small animals and birds in the grass so one Red-winged Blackbird buzzed her several times to keep her moving away from his nesting area.

This male Red-winged Blackbird came closer to us.

When the bird numbers go down, find some other winged creatures. This is a Red Admiral butterfly and a Yellow-sided Skimmer (dragonfly).

There were other winged creatures on the trail but we used insect repellent instead of a camera for them.

The weather is going back to summer warmth instead of sweltering heat for a while so I am hoping to see more activity.

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