More inland sightings

Continuing to explore inland areas after a winter spent mostly along the shore has been fruitful. We are seeing some early migrants and some residents that were scarce during the snowier times.

I have recently posted pictures of two of the three Merganser species that visit our region: Red-breasted Merganser and Hooded Merganser. The third species is the Common Merganser. They are fresh water ducks so we are just starting to see them on the newly open ponds. This is a pair, a lone female and a female flying low on the water.

Ring-necked Ducks have returned too. Although “ring-billed” would seem to be a better name for them.

A Song Sparrow singing. Of course.

Eastern Bluebirds winter here and you can occasionally spot them here and there. Now they are becoming more active. They seem to really show off the blue coloration in the spring sun. This male was fluttering around on a dirt road, probably looking for seeds or grit.

This is an early arriving Tree Swallow.

Common Grackles are also sparse during the winter but seem to be showing up in greater numbers. They look plain black but when the sun hits them just right, their iridescence shows.

A Canada Goose looking for a fight.

Wood Ducks are one colorful duck. The swept back look is a nice touch.

The Mallards were especially active at one site we visited. They chased each other and flew in and out of the waterway constantly.

We are starting a much needed rainy spell for the next few days. The camera and I will put on our rain gear and see what is happening no matter what.

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