Sunny Day at Last

We had a nice break in the dismal weather and I managed to get out on a particularly sunny morning. It was great to have some blue sky in the background of my photos. My first encounter was a flock consisting mostly of American Goldfinches getting seeds from pine cones with a few other species mixed in. The Goldfinches were in their less colorful winter plumage.

Also foraging in the pines were Crossbills and Common Redpolls.

I really should put my backup camera with a shorter focal length lens on my harness. This is just half of a flock of Snow Buntings that was resting and preening in one tree. My long lens could not fit the whole scene in the frame. There were around 120-130 Buntings in the flock.

I guess they got tired of posing for the group of birdwatchers and photographers and decided to move to another part of the park.

There was a really high tide while I was out, with the water right up to the road in a few places. There were few birds on the river or shore as they seemed to have dispersed into the flooded marshes or to other feeding grounds. This is a Sandering standing in the bright morning sun on a little strip of sand still open on the river bank. It flew off right after this photo and returned a few seconds later with about 30 friends. They flew back and forth for a short time and then headed downriver to the ocean.

There was one lone Common Loon close by in the river. A few ducks, gulls and other loons were scattered around and too far away for a good picture.

The coming week is supposed to be dry. More opportunities for enjoying nature.

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