Cold and Even Colder

I went to the coast on a relatively cold day when the temperatures were right around freezing. The wind near the shore made it feel a lot colder though. One thing I recorded was some more Long-tailed Duck action. A female and a male were swimming fairly close to shore. I got a shot of the male disappearing below the surface as he dove for some food.

These ducks often dive in unison. Only the male’s long tail feather remains in the third shot.

These are some photos of other ducks flying in to join the group. I’m not sure that the maneuver in the middle photo was necessary or if it was just for fun!

Let’s get away from ducks for a bit. There was a big flock of Cedar Waxwings in a nearby parking lot, and one House Finch (upper right, first photo).

Yesterday I was out in even colder weather, 16F/-9C. Luckily the wind was pretty calm for once. I got a lot of photos and will have a couple of “theme posts” coming up. Here are some of my other favorites. The captions give the details.

This little Harbor Seal was napping near the bank of the Merrimack River. He didn’t mind the frigid temperatures.

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