View from the Bluff

I am working on this post as I watch the snow coming down and wait to see how much today’s Nor’easter dumps on us. [Update: The switch from rain to snow was slow enough that I only got about 4 inches of very wet, heavy snow.] No better time to go through the photos I took the previous week,].

These photos were taken from a bluff overlooking the shore on the north side of Rockport Massachusetts at Halibut Point. It was a nice morning but there were long swells coming in from some storm offshore. Purple Sandpipers were flying from one set of rocks to another. They forage right at the surf line and flew right below us several times, giving me the chance to photograph them with the surf in the background.

A shot of a Herring Gull over the surf.

I was photobombed by the surf several times. I was far enough back to stay dry but the spray from some swells was probably 30 feet high. I missed whatever I was trying to photograph in this shot!

Eiders were riding the swells close to shore.

The Double-crested Cormorants that are abundant here in the summer have all left for warmer places. Now we get the less common Great Cormorant visiting from Greenland. This is a young cormorant that flew by us. The white cheek and light colored breast are the identifying marks.

No trip to the shore is complete without some ducks. This is a male Long-tailed Duck displaying his long tail feathers with three Harlequin Ducks in the foreground.

Some more Harlequin and Long-tailed Duck shots.

More photos from the past week coming soon!

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