Gulls seem to be everywhere. And to be honest, birders tend to ignore them unless they are looking for the uncommon migrant or rare visitor. They also have a poor reputation. They are noisy, steal from people and other birds and can cause a mess when they congregate. But they can be interesting to observe and photograph. I give you the following examples. These are the two most common gulls living here in Massachusetts. And they are rocking a new set of feathers with fresh colors and texture.

Two Ring-billed Gulls at the beach. These are younger birds than the one above and they don’t have the same clean white and gray coloring.

This Herring Gull has found a shellfish and will head off to a nearby parking lot or rocky area where it will drop it until it breaks open. The early morning sun gives him a bit of a golden glow.

Here’s a Gull in action. He dropped this clam several times and was rewarded with a fresh breakfast. Gulls are pretty resourceful when it comes to getting a meal.

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