Plovers and Friends

Large groups of shorebirds are migrating through the area. They stop in Massachusetts to rest and grab some food on their way from the Arctic to their winter homes. This is just a very small portion of a large flock, mostly Semipalmated Plovers, resting on the beach at Sandy Point on Plum Island.

More birds kept arriving while I was there.

A little bit of congestion…. No accidents, despite the lack of air traffic control!

Semipalmated Plovers have a distinctive mask and collar.

There were a few other shorebirds mixed in with the plovers. The smaller bird flying in on the left is a Semipalmated Sandpiper.

A small group of Semipalmated Sandpipers snoozed with their head and one leg tucked in to retain heat.

Another sandpiper hanging out with the plovers…

A few Sanderlings joined in as well. This one doesn’t seem to be very considerate of the dozing plovers.

A not-as-common Ruddy Turnstone was a nice find!

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