Yellowlegs Buffet

I mentioned in a previous post that there are two species of Yellowlegs. They are a bit hard to tell apart but the differences are more obvious when they are together. This is a photo of a Greater Yellowlegs walking behind a Lesser Yellowlegs. The Greater is a larger bird and its beak is much longer in comparison to the size of the head.

Where are they headed? The same place as these Yellowlegs flying into the mudflats.

They are headed to the buffet. A flock of Yellowlegs has found a school of tiny fish coming in with the tide. It is quite a feeding frenzy.

Two Mallards are wondering what the heck just swarmed over them!

Snowy Egrets join in as well.

Here’s another look at the difference between the Greater Yellowlegs (left) and Lesser Yellowlegs (right). A little Semipalmated Sandpiper is flying along with them.

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