Migration Continues

Migration does indeed continue here in northeastern Massachusetts. Swallows are gathering to fuel up and start their long migration. Shorebirds are moving through from further north. The swallows are flocking together in the thousands.

Swallows flocking over Plum Island MA

I caught another Tree Swallow grabbing a drink of water on the fly.

And a Tree Swallow photo bombed a shot with three other species in it. It’s not the sharpest photo but there are two Canada Geese, two Yellowlegs and a Dowitcher (bottom right) with a young Tree Swallow (center) swooping by.

Semipalmated Sandpipers are common on the mud flats.

Snowy Egrets make great subjects for photos.

Here’s a pair of Snowys stalking small fish in the shallow water.

Greater Yellowlegs also forage in shallow water. Groups of Egrets and Yellowlegs, sometimes with Cormorants joining in, will occasionally chase a school of small fish in a group hunt that can get quite frenzied. These two Egrets shared space with a Greater Yellowlegs.

A Greater Yellowlegs flys in to join the group and hang out.

Migration will really heat up in a few weeks as warblers come through on their way south. We’ll start looking for winter residents even later in the fall. including owls, raptors, eagles, ocean ducks, grebes, loons and more. They will be a welcome diversion from the difficult times we are in.

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